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The clock was striking 12.00pm, I and my mom reached one of the best hotels in Mumbai as we had a party tonight.We both went into the room and my mom told me to change my dress and even she did it so.I think I just fucked her up for 6 times and she got up but I did not notice it and I continued,but she got saying I am your mom and u can’t do that to me and I really was num and after saying that she slept and I again did the same and she told the same but this time she just got to know that I was horny so she caught my dick and kept it crosswords towards her —– and now I got a clew that even she wanted to so I just did not care a fucked her and slowly she also became horny but telling no. Likewise I just put my dick into her mouth and she sucked till all her saliva was over and then she was like come on fuck me and I just did that for about 2hours meanwhile I was even squeezing her boobs tho.Now the time was pm so she told me to sleep for 3 more hours and told me to get up at 8 and wake her and I said k and we both slept naked with each other with my hands on her boobs and my dick was like an iron rod so I just placed it into her pussy.Being both dominant and submissive is important as it teaches you how to be better at both.Although I do love the feeling when a guy I'm with is begging and only I can relieve his desire.

Latest fantasy for me is to go sailing and have sex outdoors on the deck whilst immersed in the beauty of the open ocean.

I just went on the bed and then removed my boxers and started to put my middle finger into her p—- and I noticed that she was in deep sleep because of stress and journey.

It took half an hour to remove her panties slowly and now I just started liking it and even then she dint get up.

Also giving a blow job and then fucking in an elevator would be awesome to.

The threat of being caught when the elevator door opens would be exhilarating for me.

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