Myeclipse maven updating indexes

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Based on the documentation it is not doing much – just using the suggested quick fix.

But this feature is backed by something that makes many other Intelli J features so much more pleasing to use. Whatever the Jet Brains guys are doing under the hood, their indexing is blazingly fast and supports different content.

Having used both no for years, I think you are eventually going to regret it.

Intelli J seems more stable but I have found that it’s just not.

If you bear with me I will give you several reasons why you might also consider the move.

These fast indexing benefits are paying off in several different usability features: Language support.

They way Intelli J is behaving on different content types just feels natural and uniform.

Short, eclipse has become worse with every release and a true pain in the ass.

Eclipse used to be great around 2005-2008 but then all kinds of issues came up with maven integration and WTP etc which made life hell.

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