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Phillips says the matchmakers were business-oriented yet candid and honest when talking about a potential match, similar to chatting with a girlfriend.

Phillips signed up for the service after it changed ownership.

According to the company’s website, “having six people can also provide a sense of security in a new environment.” The average client is an upscale professional age 30 to 40 and looking to settle down and start a life with someone.

With an office in Mountain View, matchmakers serve clients throughout the Bay Area.

“You go to the dinner and everybody meets each other and that’s it–you see what happens,” says Marc Paiva, chief operating officer.

The matchmakers made all the difference, as opposed to online dating, “where the matches are all random or they are done through some strange computer algorithm,” Phillips says.

She joined Events and Adventures two years ago to meet new people–single people in particular.

“Not necessarily to meet a guy or partner, which would be really nice, but really just to have a cluster of friends to do things with, like to go camping or to go for a hike,” Fischer says.

“I think it’s worth taking the risk.” Increase the odds A dinner date with a group of people maximizes the odds of a connection.

Table for Six utilizes the talents of dining coordinators and matchmakers to hand-select three women and three men to have dinner together.

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