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@Clueless Hubby , Why are U reading between the lines and giving your own interpretation to what I said?Whatever I do and get additional enjoyment, I do that after ensuring that my family is safe and fully satisfied.I perform it with 2 fingers, the middle finger and the ringer finger.I keep tickling the prostate and believe me its the highest level of ecstasy that one could ever attain.

I am not like those married pure gays who would not satisfy their wife and go for extra marital affair to get the sexual satisfaction, and also will question bisexual for their actions :) :) :) If you are so much worried about your wife's rights, I have the same question to you too, Do u allow your wife to login to a ***/gay/lesbian website like Ohmojo,go to pron site and read it to get the pleasure, put comments etc? Do u allow her to have the extra marital affair like u have with gays? Hey guys, i would like to share my experience with you as well.I start with 1 finger then 2 then 3 and then 4, i keep stroking my fingers in and out for at least 5-10 mins daily, which keeps my anus smooth, soft, wider and lubricated.Once i am done with the finger i do a bit of prostate massage which is by far the most pleasurable exercise that once could ever imagine on this [email protected] i totally agree with u bro when you say "There is only one life, enjoy it satisfying your desires and without hurting others." ..*** is purely for pleasure, and when two people have it with mutual consent, itsonly goingto make both happy..

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