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The Chase, ITV - co-presenter/"Chaser" | Mastermind Grand Champion, BBC 1 - various on-screen appearances as the first black Grand Final winner 2004 | Contestant and winner of various TV quiz shows | Many live appearances as a motivational speaker and barrister House Swap, BBC 1 - presenter | Get A New Life, BBC 2 - presenter | A House In The Country, ITV - presenter | Strike Back Project Dawn, Sky - reporter (drama) | BBC Talent Winner, Holiday Programme (from 11,000 entrants!

) | Upfront, BBC - presenter | Surfing Asia, BBC - presenter | Cook and Chaat, Channel East, Sky Digital - presenter | Moving Day, ITV - presenter | Lifestyle, Channel East, Sky Digital - co-presenter | Mozambique Telethon, Channel East, Sky Digital - co-presenter | QVC, satellite - presenter | Various corporate videos | and many others Live and Kicking, BBC 1 - presenter | MTV UK - presenter | The Den, RTE - presenter | Spin 1038 and Dublin's Q102 (radio) - presenter | Total Xposure, TV3 (Ireland) - presenter | Afternoon Show, RTE - guest presenter | and many more...

Can be remembered as one of the longest running reality shows of all time, and the pioneer of its own genre : Reality Dating Shows: The Dating Game has been aired in both prime time(1966-70) and daytime(1965-73), and followed by syndicated versions(1973-74, 1977-80, and 1996-2000).

The show also ran in syndication in 1986 under the title "The New Dating Game" which was changed for the remainder of its run(1987-89) to "The All-New Dating Game".

The Evo Rooms, C4 - presenter | RI: SE, C4 - presenter | BBC Radio 1 - presenter | Reading Festival, BBC - presenter | Top Of The Pops, BBC - presenter | Filmspotting, Film 4 - presenter | Glastonbury Festival coverage, BBC - presenter | The Vue Film Show, C4 - presenter | MTV including Hitlist UK, Daily Edition and MTV News - presenter | Rough Guide to the World, BBC 2 - presenter | New Kings of Rock n' Roll, C4 - presenter | Capital FM - presenter | and many, many more...

Plain Jane, MTV - presenter/host (airing in 66 countries) | Plain Jane, CW Network, USA - presenter/host | British Royal Wedding coverage, E! Network - presenter/host | Addicted to Boob Jobs, BBC - presenter | The Clothes Show, BBC - presenter | Britain's Next Top Model, Sky - guest judge | GMTV, ITV - guest presenter | How Do I Look, Style Network, USA - host/presenter | Vogue TV - presenter/reporter | and many, many more Countdown, C4 - host and presenter | The Apprentice, BBC - co-presenter/advisor | The Young Apprentice, BBC - co-presenter/advisor | The Town That Never Retired, BBC - co-presenter | Room 101, BBC - guest contributor | Would I Lie to You?

A Place In The Sun: Summer Sun, C4 - presenter | A Place In The Sun: Home or Away, C4 - presenter | Mr Paparazzi, MTV - reporter | The Crunch, ITV - presenter | Club XS, ITV (pilot) - presenter | Psychic Zone, Red TV - presenter | The Big British Quiz, C5 - presenter | The World Underground Music Awards, Sky - presenter | County Focus TV, Telewest Channel 54 - presenter | various corporate videos and events BBC 2012 Olympics, BBC - reporter/presenter | Sydney Olympics 2000 Gold Medal winner (sailing) and Gold Medal winner at the Athens Olympics | BBC South News - sports presenter | America's Cup, BBC - co-presenter | Sports Saturday, BBC Scotland - presenter | BBC Grandstand - presenter | Mainsail, CNN - presenter | BBC Olympics coverage - commentator | and many more...Unlike "The Bachelor" and other recent dating shows on which a single male or female over the course of several episodes hopes to find a potential life partner; a contestant on The Dating Game would ask three delegates of the opposite sex a series of questions with a view to pick one for accompanying him/her on a chaperoned date.There is a folding screen separating the junior suite of the three delegates and the contestant; that way the contestant cannot see their face but can talk further ahead after each question answered.The original version of the long-running game show, hosted by veteran host Bob Eubanks.Newlywed husbands and wives would take turns answering (often risque) questions while their spouses ...

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