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This diagram represents the position at 29 December 2003, when Ofcom was created.

It does not include Postcomm, which merged with Ofcom in 2011.

The ITA was responsible for determining the location, constructing, building, and operating the transmission stations used by the ITV network, as well as determining the franchise areas and awarding the franchises for each regional commercial broadcaster.

The Authority's first Director General was Sir Robert Fraser, appointed on 14 September 1954.

The BSC was formed from the Broadcasting Standards Council and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission, which merged on 1 April 1997, under the terms of the Broadcasting Act 1996.

The BSC’s remit was to consider broadcasting standards and fairness across all television and radio (the BBC and commercial broadcast services), as well as text, cable, satellite and digital services, and in particular the portrayal of violence, sexual conduct and matters of taste and decency.

Oftel, the Office of Telecommunications, was officially created on 1 August 1984, established by the Telecommunications Act 1984.

The workforce is changing as businesses become global and technology erodes geographical and physical barriers.

Some Instagram users are at particular risk of sim hijacking, where a hacker takes control of their phone number and uses that to break into accounts.

Now, Instagram is pushing towards app-based authentication, which should make the hackers' job harder.

You never have to step outside." You could beat the heat by watching a dumb action movie in an air-conditioned theater, or go see rapper/producer/writer/director Boots Riley's cinema debut that has everyone talking. It would take a short memory, however, not to notice that these sorts of polemics over political correctness are anything but novel: they have been around for at least 30 years, ever since a strikingly similar set of media debates centered around college campuses took off in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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