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Queen City Pub is located in that same strip mall..right before Broad St. I'm coming from the south east so another way to get there from M. if you don't want to drive through the city, is the Ring Road all around the east side of the city, take the Albert Street turnoff (to right) then turn left going back into the city on Albert Street FIRST left is 9th and the bar is right there on the left a little ways past Mc Donalds. Good place to have this, easy to find, good food, casual. We had great fun there but never had tas many attending as there was at the last meet, hope you get a good crowd, no one will be sorry I'm sure RE: Gue$$who Queen City Pub has a "belly up bar", dance floor, patio for the smokers and a DJ.

We have asked the DJ to give us an assortment of music in an attempt to satisfy all musical hungers.

but i will give you this im 23 yearly some what new to Regina ...trying to meet that special some one and bar girls just don't work out so im trying new t.. I'm 26 years old and have two of the most amazing children. I absoulutely love Getman culture and have been trying to learn the basics of the l.. so first I am a new comer , I am only 5 month in Canada Regina. I am a Canadian who is traveling throughout Germany :) I am looking to meet fresh faces and see how things go.I want to meet new people and I am looking for a friendship. I love my family and my friends where I'm loyal to them and protective of them.I am a little bit shy man ,very humor person ,love everything about films ,love to travel.. I like to travel and to learn about other culture..

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