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It has been an agonizing past few days for those who knew Park Yong Ha in one way or another.

On July 2nd, most of them gathered together to send him off on his last journey after he commited suicide two days ago.

The actor's family members allowed the Japanese fans to pay their condolences until 1 p.m. Park Yong-ha had debuted fifteen years ago in youth shows like KBS’s 1995 Love Blossoms in the Classroom and 1996’s Start.

He shot to fame with 2002’s 'Winter Sonata', which made him a household name and a “Hallyu star.” He used that fame as a springboard a singing career in Japan, where he enjoyed quite a lot of popularity.

He had a successful drama hit in 2008’s On Air, and with 2009’s Story of a Man.

Most recently, Park Yong-ha was cast alongside Yoon Eun-hye in the high-profile drama remake of Hong Kong film Tian Mi Mi, tentatively titled Love Song.

However, both of them have flatly denied the liaison.

The Korean actor and singer, was found dead at his home in Seoul early Wednesday morning June 30, 2010 in what appeared to be a suicide, police said.

There, she must bear with the endless mischief of upperclassman Gu Yong-ha (Song Joong-ki), put up with the constant mood swings of roommate Moon Jae-shin (Yoo Ah-in), avoid getting in trouble with the strict student body president Ha In-soo (Jun Tae-soo), keep her secret from being discovered, all the while trying to hold her growing feelings for Lee Sun-joon at bay.

Hwang, however, recognizes Hyeon-su's talent and recruits him for his team of scam artists.

They prepare for a 60 billion won heist, but a bigger scam is in the making within the group.

Park's parents, both in wheelchairs, came to mourn the death of their son.

Park's father, a famed music producer during the 1970s and 1980s, is currently suffering from late-stage stomach cancer. with the funeral set to take place three hours later. His remains will be buried at the Bundang Memorial Park in Gyeonggi Province.

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At about 6 this morning, the funeral procession for Park Yong Ha was held at Seoul’s St.

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