Plume bloom dating

Cells may also be broken open when the water is treated with chemicals meant to kill algae, and when cells are swallowed and mixed with digestive acids in the stomachs of people or animals.

The only way to be sure if the toxins are present is to have water samples analyzed in a laboratory using sophisticated equipment. Fossil evidence suggests that blue-green algae have been around for millions of years.

These chemicals are not produced all of the time and there is no easy way to tell when blue-green algae are producing them and when they are not.Report a Case with potential health effects caused by blue-green algae, visit the Department of Health Services.If you are (or your local community is) interested in collecting samples for analysis, please contact the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene at (800)442-4618.True algae (e.g., green algae) are very important to the food chain.They are known as "primary producers", a name given to living organisms that can convert sunlight and inorganic chemicals into usable energy for other living organisms.

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