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And RACISM is keeping the original man and woman from his/her history.

Since I'm white eastern european and consider In I not rasta but tryin to live rasta livity, not because In I like ganja or reggae (In I like both those things ,both a them contributed to my acquaintance of Ras way of life) , but because it's the true livity ,the only way ,as In I see it.

We had our "altar of sacrifice" (once again it's direct translation). It was a burning fire witch was guarded by the holy men.

The baptism of our country was performed in the late middle ages.

I always restrained myself from asking him why, because I knew he was only trying to stay healthy. A week ago, while swinging my hips in one of the hangouts, a guy one would mistake for a taller version of Bebe Cool signalled me in his direction.

I thought he did it abusively so I made for my way to the bar and lifted myself onto the stool, making every effort to ignore him.

He says he asked a friend of mine who passed on my number.He was obsessed with the Rastafarian lifestyle even when he was based in a hot city that would only favour clean shaven heads.When shopping, he would fill his basket with vegetables and fruit.And no "Jah see no color", "my forefathers didn't own slaves", "one love" bullshit , maybe Jah see no color (if the white mans father is devil) , but them are forgetin the fact that Babylon in fact see color. Our country was baptised by sword indirectly , because crusaders where attacking the country constantly for couple of centuries.I live in a country witch people suffered from Babylon firsthand. The reason, in their and in Vatican words "to make our country roman catholic" , but mostly it was looting and destroying our lands and raping of our women, since our old ways where wicked , because we were pagan and believed in Nature and our most high god was "Thunder" (the direct translation from our language) it was kind of like Zeus is in greek mythology , but greek gods where sinful kind a like humans , our gods where righteous , "Thunder" would strike the wicked ones.

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I can see that whites can't accept the facts because they are to hard to handle.

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  1. The concept is simple: Sign in using your Facebook account, pick your best photos (most of mine originated from the Hubble Space Telescope for prime thinness), and begin swiping people you want to date to the right, and people who must really REALLY have some serious issues happening if your desperate ass doesn't want to date them, to the left. (Only here in LA, for example, most people are swiping for dates when they SHOULD be rehearsing lines for their upcoming CSI: Miami audition as Cadaver 1.) Sounds simple enough, right? For this guy, there is no physical detail or fetish too personal to lay on the line on Tinder. Look, if he took *IT* *OUT* I suggest swiping left for sanitary purposes alone.