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My friend Tatiana, the pretty and popular receptionist at The Wandering Paisa, met her boyfriend while she was waiting to see a play.

You can’t really expect a woman to be on time in Colombia.

Just because you’re a foreigner, doesn’t mean they all want to sleep with you.

Basic small talk is the best way to go in the beginning.

In some cases, this means you have to speak Spanish, and let’s face it, you should be learning the language if you’re living in Medellín, not just to talk to women.

Maybe a jealous boyfriend won’t kill you, but acid attacks are on the rise here and that would be an unpleasant fate for trying to win the affections of someone in a relationship.

“We’re figuring things out right now,” a polite way to say, “Have some respect and don’t interfere.” It could be a serious problem for you if you think you can do whatever you want just because you’re here for just a short time.

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You can usually tell when a woman is interested, either by the way they flirt with you or stare at you, or, in some cases, when they make the first move by telling you directly that they like you, sometimes with a kiss.

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