Realistic conflict in interracial dating

Unsettled (especially if we feel captured by the constrains of our visa), it can be as if we are a tourist in our native country (or county), yet feel a foreigner, outsider or different in London, especially if we are not a native speaker and struggle with the nuances of the English language (we may also find it difficult to make close friends with people we can relate to), experiencing homesickness, inner loneliness or alienation, no longer sure where our "home" now is and where we belong.

Being In London Where we are from - our home, forms part of our self-identity & adjusting to the transition of living in London can bring us right up against personal identity issues - how & where we fit in.

Can counselling help me to get a positive self-image? We may base our sense of identity on external factors & how we look on the outside which may differ to what's going on inside.

"What else can I give you, is nothing I do good enough?

" we may ask which may be linked to feeling empty inside, affecting our esteem and sense of worth.

Our intentions and beliefs and what we tell ourselves, how we forge our self-identity, constructing our own life, developing relationships, being separate & different to others, what it means to be a man or woman, alongside other factors (e.g.

The more emotion invested into certain memories, the more they can become part of our identity - the narrative we tell about our self.

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And through the acknowledgement that we are more than these aspects, this "more than" may bring us up against our Self as we transcend our identifications.

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