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He married 1) 10 December 1684 in Burlington MM, Burlington Co, NJ at the home of Thomas Gardiner to Esther Borton, dau of John & Ann (Kinton) Borden. 25 July 1667 in Aynhoe, Northamptonshire, England, and died 1719 in Rancocas, Burlington Co, NJ. John was a settler as early as 1683 in Lumberton, NJ. Thus it is that because of the death of Richard Haines in mid-ocean we have no account of him in this country. By his wife Margaret he had six children, none of whom were born in America. John, married 1684 Esther Burton; one of his descendants, William Haines was a surveyor mentioned in the Alms House History. Richard, born in England; settled in Evesham township, Burlington Co. Elected to NJ State legislature in 1882; member of the Society of Friends. NJ; died in 1746 at an advanced age; married 1699 Mary Carlisle/Carlysle/Carlile. Jeremiah Haines b: in Greenwich, Gloucester, New Jersey 8. Resided at "Cedar Farm," his parent's home in East Greenwich NJ. The family names appear in the following order: John Carliell, Mary Carliell, Mary West (John's first wife was a West), Abraham Carliell, William Glading, Richard Haines, Mary Haines, and Hannah Carlile. The Haines and Carlile families were not related, therefore their names would not have appeared with the family had Mary been an Indian. Six members of the public were treated on scene after being assessed by the ambulance specialist team with carbon monoxide reading equipment." Mrs Haines, who used her maiden name Samuel for her journalism career, had recently started work as a press officer for Oxford University.

Joseph HAINES b: in Evesham Twp, Burlington Co, NJJohn-1 HAINES (Richard) was born 10 December 1664 in Aynhoe, Northamptonshire, England and died November 1728 in Evesham Twp, Burlington Co, NJ. (John) RICHARD & MARGARET HAINES Richard Haines, of Aynhoe, Northamptonsire, England, husbandman, with his wife Margaret and their children, Richard, William, Thomas and Mary, sailed from Downs, England in 1682, in the ship "Amity," for America, but Richard never reached the shores of this country, haven sickened and died on the voyage. John, the eldest son, had come over about 1680, and made himself a house below Lumberton, on the south branch of Rancocas creek, in New jersey. He was, in religion, a member of the Society of Friends, and connected with the Upper Greenwich Meeting, of which he was a minister. The family settled in Burlington, New Jersey, and in 1685 the widow Margaret married a second husband, Henry Bircham, of Nesmamony, Pennsylvania. In politics he was a Whig, and joined the ranks of the Republican party on its organization. After his marriage he purchased "Cedar Lawn Farm," (later the residence of his son Job S.) and continued both professional and farming employments; one of the first members of the "Association of Practical Suveyors of West Jersey." Children of William & Rachel (Lippincott) Haines: 1. Holmes; their children were Jacob C., William C., Stacy L., Idella, and Jesse B. NJ -yeoman Land Transactions: "Richard Haines and his Descendants by John W. Jacob HAINES b: in Northampton Twp, Burlington Co, NJ; married Hannah Stokes. Margaret/Margret HAINES b: in Northampton Twp, Burlington Co, NJ; married William Brown 3. Haines pg 61" -farmer - located 100 acres of land 'near Nancutting's Old Plantation' in 1689; 100 acres from Samuel Jennings, in 1693; 100 acres from Elias and John Burling, in 1698 100 acres from Christopher Wetherill in 1700; 100 acres from James Burcham, and in 1712 in Northampton settling there; 150 acres from Henry Peeps; also one of the purchasers of the "Friendship Tract" 2240 acres in Southern Part of New Jersey in 1711. Nathan HAINES b: /1703 in Evesham Twp, Burlington Co, NJ 4.

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If we accept the family tradition it would mean that a full blooded Indian and a half-breed had charge of administering his estate. Bertha Priscilla Haines b: near Clarksboro, New Jersey; married Charles Howard Davis 2. 1859; living with nephew, Thomas Edgar-8 HAINES, in 1910, not married.

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