Robbie jones dating aly michalka

So, we’ll pick up with her and Savannah having this real division and you’re going to see that for about an episode — actually, it’s with the whole squad.” But there is hope for the unlikely pals. “She realizes the mistake she’s made, the people she’s jeopardized and the fact that she’s now put the whole squad in a bad position.

He’s gone for a couple episodes, where there is one phone call [between the two], but he’s dismissive towards her.

She was on track to become captain until Savannah transferred in and snapped up the position. Architecture student Lewis Flynn (Robbie Jones) gave up Lancer football and joined the squad after becoming disillusioned by corruption in the program.

He’s only been cheerleading for a year but has found it to be every bit as challenging and competitive as football.

Marti is a hip townie with working class roots who’s dependent on a scholarship to attend college.

Her world is turned upside down when her school funding is cancelled and her irresponsible but well-meaning mother, Wanda (Gail O’Grady), forgets to tell her.

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“You’ll see Marti and Lewis (Robbie Jones) end their relationship, too,” Michalka adds.

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