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In battle he judged his enemy's power level and attacked with the minimum power necessary.

He dealt with his enemies after determining their power.

Both his armor and his long flowing sash have a decided Chinese influence, as opposed to the customary Japanese armor and obi.

His kimono is mostly white with a red and white cherry blossom flower crest at the collar and sleeves, showing that he is of royal birth.

In the 3rd movie it is seen in his younger year he worn a similar but different outfit.Because he respects his bloodline so much, he despises Inuyasha as well as Inuyasha's human mother Izayoi.He insults Naraku, who tried to take advantage of Sesshōmaru's power.His eyes become red with blue irises; the yōkai marks on his body widen and become more apparent the stripes on his cheeks which are usually smooth become jagged and change into a somewhat fiercer color while his mokomoko wraps around his body and extends into his tail.He only fully transforms to his yōkai form three times: during a battle with Inuyasha, which results in the loss of his left arm, again when he meets his mother, and finally during the battle against Magatsuhi.

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