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The booking process is like booking any other type of accommodation.You search online, find a place you like, create an account, and request a booking.But the more points a place meets, the safer I feel. I believe the government can’t tell you what do with your place – but I also don’t think these websites have done enough to ensure that you are renting from actual people and not property owners who are buying multiple dwellings and forcing the locals out. However, apartment rental companies do provide a window that allows you to get your money back if you get a place that’s not as advertised.I’ve never had a bad experience as a guest following these rules. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to only use Airbnb if you are renting a room in someone’s house. Just call their 24-hour hotline and they will set you up somewhere else.When the owner accepts, you are sent a confirmation.Additionally, many websites allow owners to list their place with an instant booking option, which means you don’t even have to wait for the owner to reply. As an added bonus, most of the apartments are usually located away from overpriced tourist areas where hotels call home (rental sites have maps so you can see where your place is in relation to everything), allowing you to get a feel for the everyday rhythm of life and eat at restaurants that don’t just cater to tourists. Apartment rentals represent the space between hostels and hotels.If you are traveling on business and want the comforts of home, you probably aren’t going to stay in a hostel.But hotels may be too expensive or too impersonal for you. If you want to travel the world but aren’t into the hostel scene and can’t afford hotels, this is the perfect compromise. There was only one space place in London that was a bit smaller than advertised but that’s a minor thing.

But, as I’ve grown older and decided I like my space and privacy, I’ve grown to love this type of travel. While I may not use apartment rentals all the time, I often stay in them more than I do hostels these days.

Old men of 50-70 years are hanging around Sihanoukville with their "girlfriends" in the age of "the younger the better". VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE Mototaxis or Tuc Tuc, if you like to go to the places, where you wish to meet ladies!

If you are living in Sihanoukville you get used to see couples of grandpapa/young girl combination. The Mototaxi- and Tuc Tuc drivers CHEATING where they can!

There is a lot of countries, and Cambodia is not an exception, where it is possible to negotiate with the girl and try to go with her for less money, but it is considered as a mauvais ton, and to get paid less than twenty mean now to lose the face and respect.

Usually, twenty dollars price is only for Khmer people and the foreigners, long time living in Cambodia.

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