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Alex would occasionally prod Max to come work with him for the DEA, but Payne would decline, not favoring the most likely harsh conditions of undercover work he would get into.

At some point in the mid 1990's, Max Payne met his future wife Michelle. After a short talk with the woman, the two begun to hang out together, until they were married six months later, and went to Montauk on their honeymoon.

Max defeats Victor at Sao Paulo's airport, leading to the latter's arrest. This led her to drink often and to an early death from unspecified causes in 1976.

A week later, Max has arrived to Bahia on vacation, when he hears about Victor's death. Since then, the young Max turned against his father.

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Payne remained close with Balder after his partner joined the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The two would play poker together from time to time.

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