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I’ve decided to compare the system of the Trobriand Islanders of the South Pacific, to the very loose kinship arrangement of the Ju’wasi San of the Kalahari.... As we began creating her kinship chart, she told me that her mom’s family all resides within five miles of where she currently lives, so they often see one another for birthday events or planned family get-togethers.Her father’s side resides in the Midwest and Samantha has only visited them a couple of times in her life.As our society continues to grow, our jail and prison population are growing as well.When a parent or guardian is taken into custody the juvenile (child) is taken and released to a relative or child protective services.

[tags: Family Sociology] - This essay will examine how principles for working with children in kinship care and their carers influence professionals practice towards improving their educational outcomes.It is this extended or ideal family that cultivates the consistent patrilineal form of control/descent and dictates that residence in said “jia” is primarily patrilocal....[tags: China Chinese Kin Kinship Essays] - The Downfall of Kinship(Question 2) In the past, kinship has been an integral part of explaining societies in the anthropological field, as it is one of the bases of social structure in most societies to varying degrees.Kinship is used as a basis to classify people and to form social groups in the different societies.The patterns and rules that govern kinship differ in the various communities all around the world....

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  1. In 17 percent of the participating couples, only the girls perpetrated physical aggression, and in 4 percent, only the boys were perpetrators.[8] The findings suggest that boys are less likely to be physically aggressive with a girl when someone else can observe their behavior. Neumark-Sztainer, "Long-Term Impact of Adolescent Dating Violence on the Behavioral and Psychological Health of Male and Female Youth," 8 (2002): 1332-1363.