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For Keith and Hambuchen, who each lead Bible studies at CCM, prayer is the center of their relationship.

“Praying together each day, going to adoration together, we tried to make that habitual from the very beginning,” and if they fail, Keith said, “We know we suffer.” As in everything, Catholic young adults are encouraged to follow spiritual morals.

When young adults gather around to listen to their grandparents speak of their first date, it’s almost a novelty, a peek into a different world — grabbing a hot dog at the local stand, catching a drive-in movie, maybe a peck on the cheek and back by 9 p.m. Since society has changed, couples from a bygone era that have similar stories far outweigh those of couples today.

Being Catholic calls young adults to rise to Christ’s standards when it comes to dating and while no one is perfect, it is the path to ultimately find God-centered love.

Joseph Church in Conway and graduate of UCA, who have dated for about a year and a half, are on that same path.

“Just understanding it is a gift God has given us but not right now; I think that really helps us,” to not be distracted, Keith said.

“One of the key things about our current society it is a culture that’s highly driven by philosophy of relativism and instant gratification,” Baltz said.

I invite them to come to Mass with me and to pray and read the Scriptures,” Baltz said, quoting, “A couple that prays together stays together.” He and his friends have also gone on “adoration dates” with their significant other.The National Bureau of Economic Research has said the decline in marriage can be attributed to several factors, including an increase in educational endeavors.Tony Hoyt, 28, a member of Our Lady of the Holy Souls Church in Little Rock, explained he was “dating school.” As a first year medical student at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with three more years to go, plus an additional four years of residency, finding time to date is tough. “I still feel like a child at heart and I don’t realize I’m getting older. “I feel I am not rushed because of how much I have going in front of me,” Hoyt said.Rideout said she hasn’t done much dating outside of the Catholic faith.“They’re people I know in the Catholic Church and all the groups I’ve been a part of,” she said, adding that she and boyfriend of three months Alex Kordsmeier met at Catholic Campus Ministry at UCA six years ago. I don’t think another person would understand my priorities and what I’m looking for.” Baltz, a second-year medical student at UAMS, said he has dated both Catholics and non-Catholics in the past, who know upfront his devotion to the faith.

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