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He’s been scorned or some other shit and decides he’s going to join up with Paula/Diane and SAVE Josh from making another mistake with a woman. Misty: Josh’s partner-(view spoiler)[Misty and Josh have to act like a married couple for a job. And it was a joy to see such a man as Josh embrace love so completely.

OF COURSE, Kenya sees them and doesn’t know who Misty is.

Heroine: Kenya (aka Summer)(view spoiler)[Ran away when boyfriend, Noah, kidnapped her then would choke her at night when she slept. Dad couldn’t stand Kenya because she was light skinned, she took after her mother’s side of the family. Oh, she’s a 24 year old virgin (hide spoiler)]Hero: Joshua (aka Leone) Let me say this, I don’t know what the hell he does…is he a mercenary? Paula/Diane: (aka Skanky bitch, my words not the authors) CIA but works with Josh from time to time. Two birds with one stone and all that…she gets the bad guys and Kenya is out of the way… I mean everything Our Hero Joshua *shudders* this man has it all. Make you submit when you swore up & down that you never would. Not only did they have white hot chemistry across the board, but they had this quiet understanding toward one another. Happy Reading :)The women and situations where a little different but it seems the formula for the author book's is a problem-ed or weak bw needing to be saved and loved by a strong, handsome, well "put together" wm who is in or was in the military and is a beast in the sheets... I thought this book would be a continuation of Desired with Drake...

He would video it and put it on a website where others would pay to watch it. (hide spoiler)]Jacks: (aka Jackass, Kenya’s words) Rat bastard.that is what he is. And his mouth, the look, feel, & what comes out of it at times.. It really was a joy to watch their interactions play out.

I don't like alpha males who force what they want on someone... Unlike Ruined, things in this book are extremely implausible to the point of becoming comical. She sounds like a cross between a golden goddess and magic marker. I hope the next one is a return to her easy style of writing without being formulaic. this is my 2nd read and I'm absolutely loving you!!!! mad sad angry love happiness frustration joy HEAT..... The secondary characters were a delight and I see great storylines for the other Cooper brothers as well as for Josh's teammates especially Misty. The only ones in her family that I even car d about was her brother and her mom. It's just hard to believe that an entire family unit would allow the main character to go through all she did just because she was, "light skinned". This is now my fourth book I've read by her and I loved every minute.

I would give it one star but I'm giving it two since the writing is 80% better than some of the trash that's out there, I liked how the author at least tried and I do mean tried to build a background story of the characters but that was no mission accomplished, so the extra star was for those two things. I appreciated the fact that you wrote a thorough novel. The enduring,unrelenting love and passion Josh had for Kenya is heart achingly beautiful to behold. I had to read the content to determine they were flashbacks. The conversations between our two main characters were beautiful at times. The conversations between our two main characters were beautiful at times.

Malcolm, the brother was a better partner to her than Josh at this point.

I almost stopped right there…I couldn’t believe it. Does Jacks get punished for his part in the deception?? Josh forgives him Was there anything I liked about this book? Josh was obsessed with and possessive of Kenya when he finally got his head out of his ass. And most of the detailed sex scenes were hot...that's about it.

But I had invested a lot of time reading this book so I trudged on..

So, we get a nice little epilogue with pregnancy and she goes into labor.we get to find out about the baby?? We just find out that Josh is one mean SOB when he tortures Noah.

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