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CHAPTER III— MOUND BUILDERS AND INDIANS 89 Mounds in Preble County — A Prehistoric Man Disinterred — A Personal Reminiscence — Trails and Tales of the Indians — Tribes in Ohio at the Ad- vent of the White Race — Primitive Cutlery — Conjectures on Indian Origin — Survival of the Fittest — William Penn’s Policy — Penultimate Conclusions. Although this grant was renewed in 1726 and again confirmed in 1744, it gave New York only a nominal claim and one which was never recognized by the French in any way.CHAPTER IV— FIRST WHITE MEN AND INDIAN WARS 100 Daniel Boone and His Hunting Companions — British and Indian Disregard of Treaties — Arthur St. English traders from Pennsylvania and Virginia began in 1730 to pay attention to the claims of their country west of the Alleghanies and north of the Ohio river.Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.It does make a man stronger to know that some friend believes in his ability, integrity and steadfastness of purpose. History will record the fact that there was another nation, however, which claimed possession of this territory and, while the Indians can hardly be called a nation, yet they made a gallant fight to retain their hunting grounds.I do not claim that there are no errors, but I believe that they will gen- erally be found negligible. The real owners of this territory struggled against heavy odds to maintain their supremacy and it was not until the battle of Tippecanoe, in the fall of 1811, that the Indians gave up the unequal struggle.Compare the pres- ent conditions of the people of Preble county, Ohio, with what they were one hundred years ago. After the close of the Revolutionary War the Indians, urged on by the British, caused the settlers in the Northwest Territory continual trouble and defeated every de- tachment sent against them previous to their defeat by Gen.From a trackless wilderness and virgin land, it has come to be a center of prosperity and civilization, with millions of wealth, systems of railways, grand educational institutions, splendid indus- tries and immense agricultural and mineral productions. Anthony Wayne at the battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794.

All names presented here were gathered at a past date.

CHAPTER VII— ORGANIZATION OF PREBLE COUNTY 152 Legislative Act Creating Preble County — Rivalry Between New Lexington and Eaton — Commodore Edward Preble — Gen. ty Election — First Acts of Commissioners — County Seat Located — Building of a Jail — Sale of Lots — The First Court House — Early Tax Lists — Creation of Townships — Township Contest — Tax Levies — Laying Out of the Villages — The Present Court House — Further Jail History — Children’s Home — Official Roster — Senators — Representatives — Auditors — Recorders — Treasur- ers — Coroners — Surveyors — County Commissioners. George II, the king of England at the time, at once granted a charter for the first Ohio Company (there were two others by the same name later organized), composed of London merchants and enterprising Virginians, and the com- pany at once proceeded to formulate plans to secure possession of the territory north of the Ohio and west of the Mississippi.

CHAPTER VIII— RAILROADS AND TRANSPORTATION 173 The First Railroad in Preble County — Eaton & Hamilton Railroad Company — Dayton & Western Railroad Company — Dayton & Greenville Railroad — Cincinnati, Jackson & Mackinaw Railroad — Richmond & Covington Rail- road — Dayton & Western Traction Company — Other Surveyed Routes. Christopher Gist was sent down the Ohio river in 1750 to explore the country as far west as the mouth of the Scioto river, and made several treaties with the Indians.

Digitized by Cn OOQle Digitized by Google CONTENTS CHAPTER I— RELATED STATE HISTORY First White Men in Northwest Territory — English and French Claims — Three Successive Sovereign Flags Over Present Ohio Territory — Passing of the Indians — Battle of Fallen Timbers — Northwest Territory — Ohio, the First Northwest State — Early Settlements — Activities of the Traders — French and Indian War — Pontiac’s Conspiracy — Northwest Territory and Quebec Act — Revolutionary Period — George Rogers Clark and His Cam- paign — First Surveys and Early Settlers — Ordinance of 1787 — First Stage of Government Under the Ordinance — Second Stage — Organization of the Northwest Territory — Representative Stage of Government — First Terri- torial Legislature — Division of 1800 — Census of 1800 — Symmes Purchase and Other Early Settlements — County Organization — Indian Wars — Formation of a New State — Date of Ohio’s Admission to the Union — Capitals of North- west Territory and of Ohio — Constitutional History of Ohio — Military Rec- ord — Land Grants — Military Lands — Refugee Tract — Road Lands — Canal Grants — Zane Sections — Ministerial Lands — School Sections — Ohio Politics — Boundary Lines — Organization of Counties and Early Events. New York Digitized by Ui OOQLe PREBLE COUNTY, OHIO.

CHAPTER II— GEOLOGY AND TOPOGRAPHY 81 The Beginning — The Glacier Period — The Stone Crop — A Belt of Boulders — Nature Kind to the Soil — Striking* Oil — Hills and Hollows — Geographical Locations in the County — Altitudes. 35 sought to strengthen her claim to territory west of the Alleghanies in 1701, by getting from the Iroquois, the bitter enemies of the French, a grant to the territory from which the French and their Indian allies had previously ex- pelled them.

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