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“Slow down and ask yourself why you are so ready to jump into bed with a stranger,” says Smith. Then flirt the night away, get his number, and start with an afternoon date which can evolve into a dinner date, and then turn up the heat after you have known him for a number of hours rather than a number of minutes.” While too much history can be a definite turn-off when deciding whether or not to hook up with someone, not knowing enough about what a person is like outside of the situation you just met them in is also something that should give you pause.Slow things down a little and check with other friends or classmates who might know more about him.Here's our pick of the surest spots for scoring your next bed-fellow—and be sure to cue up our playlist of the sexiest songs ever made for when you get home with your honey.This relic of New York’s past is still surviving as a beauty parlor, with additional drinking and dancing options now added.“Even if you think you're being nice and doing a lovestruck guy a favor by hooking up with him, it’s really just going to cause further trouble for both of you if you're not into the hook-up,” says Gabbie. He’s Forcing You Into It You wouldn’t stick it out in an abusive relationship, so why put up with an abusive partner in a hook-up or FWB scenario?Maybe it’s comments from your friend about the way he acts towards you or treats you, concerns expressed by family members about changes in your behavior or attitude, or that little nagging feeling that doesn’t seem to go away when you’re together with him, but if things feel wrong or you have any doubts about starting something more than friendship with a guy, hold back!“He may not float your boat, but everyone’s boat is different.And if he keeps pressuring you, ditch him; clearly, he is not really a friend.” Relationships that start out of sympathy or pity, or from pressure put on the two of you by friends or others around you, almost never end well.

Right, it’s easy to see the pros in casually hooking up with someone.“I was mad [that] he blew off our Skype dates and wouldn’t answer his phone, and thought this would be a way of getting his attention.” Smith explains: “Women use sex to feel loved.Hook-ups are not a sign of a confident gal with good self-esteem.” Instead of hooking up with someone else to calm your anger or heartbrokenness, consider having a cozy night in with some girlfriends, wallowing in chick flicks, or even taking a weekend at home if you live close enough and need some TLC from mom.This often leads to a lot of hurt and confusion for you, whoever you hooked up with, and the other person in the picture.“I hooked up with two guys immediately after I started school freshman year just to get back at a long-distance boyfriend,” says Anna*, who goes to the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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  1. You’ll feel so guilty that you end up giving in to their demands. They’ll get mad and trick you into making up for it by giving them whatever it is that they want. This works when your guy wants something, and he’ll promise to give something better back in return.