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* hungarian sexchart article - local link - 1- 2-02 english translation - thanks to sinistre "Lish Daelnar...sexchart v8.10 - 7- 6-98 sexchart v8.09 - 7- 5-98 sexchart v8.02 - 4-23-98 big loop: 285 people. sexchart v7.90 - 2-19-98 phyzzix -- erisian is the only update here, & that link disappears for v8.02. mogel rearranged my links on this chart to look like, in his words, "a christmas tree! " others, self-inclusive, preferred to refer to it as a nuclear bomb. The Sex Chart lists various goings-on among a bunch of geeks and hackers. The good news: these folks are getting more sex than you might have guessed." * winglitch: who did you kiss?- local link - 12- -01 "When you give technology to women, strange things start to happen." * WIRED NEWS: Sexchart Degrees of Separation - local link - 12-29-01 "Picture a connect-the-dot puzzle in which the dots represent people, mostly computer geeks and their ilk, who have hooked up romantically with others.

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