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Princess Belle has bought some new pieces to refill her clothes collection with new stylish fall outfits.This fall latest trends are denim clothes combined with jackets with patches, and lovely fl...Have you ever imagined what you'd look like if you were a mermaid?What sort of tail and fin would you have, how would you style your hair, what sort of fish would be your best friend? The rebellious teen queen has trouble finding her things in the closet and the room is a mess, will you help her find all the objects?Help her pick the perfect outfits that will match her makeup! Play My New Year's Fashion Resolutions and help the Disney princesses get themselves new looks for the year that has just begun!Anna, Elsa, Belle and Rapunzel have all made a pact this year to try...

But now you can even have more fun than usual, because it's ok to try out the wildest colors! Play this new game called Aurora Becomes A Cat Person to dress up the princess and her cat and groom her pet as well! The Disney princess has found a cat in the road and she deci...

At first she won't have a lot of clothes, but don't be alarmed! Play this cute dress up game for girls called Princess Color Run and help Moana, Cinderella, Elsa and Mulan get their sporty chic looks ready for this funny and colourful marathon. Let's find out, who the most fashionable princess is! Princess has decided that it is time to change her outlook!

She wants to visit a shop and buy many new and trendy clothes.

Play Debutante Disney Princesses to dress up Elsa, Merida, Snow White and belle for the debutante ball!

At this years debutante ball, these Disney princesses want to look really special and cute. What better way to spend a boring day than crashing a wedding?

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