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difference when it comes to changing the way people act or feel.Late last year, Facebook changed the “Hide/Mark as spam” option to “I don’t want to see this.” The result?And, unlike less reputable websites and apps that tout similar services, Arousr requires a government-issued photo ID to ensure their business is totally legal.Earlier this week, I chatted with one of their most successful “chat hosts”.So, if your reply isn’t helpful, some customers won’t proactively ask you to clarify or help any further.That’s what makes this one of the most helpful customer service phrases you can use.A 58% increase in the number of people who would provide feedback on posts in their feed.That massive of an increase—just by changing a few words!

In fact, one survey suggests that although 94% of online retailers provide email customer service, 27% of email inquiries are answered incorrectly.

If a customer sends an email “checking in” on the status of their support request, we consider that a failure on our part.

In testing at Groove, we’ve found that customers who proactively reach out to us report satisfaction scores, on average, about 10% lower than customers who don’t inquire.

By leaving the door open and inviting the customer to respond, you’ll give them a chance to let you know if anything remains unresolved.

Incorporating these keywords and phrases into your customer service interactions is an instant win; it’ll take no time to do, and will reward you with happier, more loyal customers.

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The two things that we do to avoid check-ins are: about the inconvenience they’re experiencing.

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