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“Fifth grade was the year everyone had a boyfriend for about two weeks,” says Eastside mother of three Elizabeth Huber.

“But if they actually had to speak to each other in person, they wouldn’t know what to do!

“But they are using language that has a certain meaning to us as adults.

I don’t think it means that they’re out kissing or having sex in the parking lot. I like you.’ ”If a child says, ‘You’re hot,’ does it mean that they’re getting too sexy too soon — or does it mean they are mimicking words they’re hearing in the culture?

Even if you, as a 15 year old, don’t have acne and are muscular or fit or tall or whatever (good for you), there’s something different about a man versus a teenage boy, you know?

Two girls are discussing how much they hate their thighs, wish they had more cleavage, and how “massive” their butts look in certain jeans.

As the woman is leaving, she catches sight of the girls. A local second-grader comes home from school in tears.

And according to the 2007 Report of the American Psychological Association’s Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls, “Massive exposure to media among youth creates the potential for massive exposure to portrayals that sexualize women and girls and teach girls that women are sexual objects.” Those messages can be harmful to kids because they make sex seem common — even normal — among younger and younger kids. “Girls are much more sexualized than they have been in the past,” says Amy Lang, a Seattle sexual health educator and the owner of Birds Bees Kids.

“There is something that has shifted, and I have to wonder if it’s this message they’ve gotten since they were 8, which is that intimacy is less important than how you look. they dance sexy and chase the boys around trying to kiss them.’ I was worried until she told me this week that they disbanded the club. Then I remembered we used to have a game at recess called ‘chase.’” Increasingly, what media messages translate into is the kind of playground talk that gives parents and teachers fits. “The credit goes to the media, the kinds of TV shows and movies that are being pitched to young kids.

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