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With Google Now, you can actually build on top of your searches to ask shorter, more natural-sounding subsequent questions. The major caveat here, of course, is that it’s not nearly as powerful on i OS as it is on Android devices. As with Siri, there are some “Easter eggs” in Google Now. ” or saying, “Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right,” and you’ll get some fun responses.

If your phone doesn’t have Google Now preinstalled, you can set it up by downloading the Google Search app to your phone.This is where you can “access” Google Now, although once you’ve opted in, Google Now will also show you alerts and reminders without your opening the app.It can also be accessed via voice control from your phone’s home screen.There’s Google Now for Android devices, Cortana for Microsoft’s Windows Phone and plenty of third-party “artificial intelligence” apps that try to make your mobile calendar or contact lists smarter.The most formidable of these Siri competitors is Google Now.

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