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Picture this – you’ve spotted someone you like flying past in a fancy car and managed to take down their license plate number before they sped off. You can then share your undying love for them and their ride by messaging them – probably something like “Nice rims” and not “I SEE YOU EVERY DAY WE’D BE PERFECT TOGETHER WINKFACE”.

They have to have Platewave too, but that’s hardly the only boundary to finding love with this app.

The main one being that you’re probably a fucking eagle-eyed psychopath to use it in the first place.

So you’ve tracked down future lovers on the road, Facebook and on your phone, but what about 30,000 feet in the air?

Keep an eye on them while you’re hoping they’ll fall miserably out of love with their other half with the handy website

Unlike Tinder, the app doesn’t force you to link to your Facebook or other social network presence, meaning internet evidence of your shameful hour of need is minimal.

Wingman, a dating app for air travellers, promises to help match you with a potential mate on your next flight. Currently in Beta mode, the app allows interested parties to ‘reserve their seat’ by entering their email address.

The main problem with the app is that joining the mile high club is probably a lot better as a fantasy than a reality – in reality your flight will just be full of hungover dehydrated adults, the occasional screeching stag or hen, and screaming children, which isn’t exactly the best pool to pick from. The app boasts that it will help you “bribe your way to a date”, by letting people exchange a bouquet of flowers, a romantic dinner, a shopping trip, or an outdoor adventure in exchange for a first date.

A basic ‘Weekend Cassanova’ membership costs £225 per month, or you can splash out on the top level ‘International Playboy’ profile costing a mere £903 per month.

Whether you’re looking for “long term relationships”, “lots of casual fun” or to “wife up with your end game girl”, bear in mind the website addresses their particular clientele “If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already a reasonably attractive and successful guy.

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A bit like how Jordan writes all her books, but for sex.

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