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I'll give you my answer calmly and sensibly, my final answer.

In Action and Drama, however, Alice is more inclined to listen, but may sometimes choose to do it anyway.

A developing listing of altered phenomena with existing SCP designations is attached to this file.

The precise nature of SCP-001 itself is unknown at this time.

"Alice is about to do something by accident, or on purpose, that Bob and Charlie don't want her to do. If they use a Little "No", they run the risk of Alice not hearing them and knocking it over. ", they might accidentally startle Alice and actually cause her to knock it over. They go "Nononononononononononononononononono..." until either she stops, or knocks it over, causing it to shatter into tiny pieces.

Item #: SCP-001 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: From 23 December 1971 to 2 November 2016, SCP-001 was contained by the existence of SCP-2798.

Of note, unlike the previous iteration of this anomaly, SCP-087' has been observed to open the doorway to its entrance of its own accord.

This is not usually effective, as half the time, Alice will ignore them.

Available sources of information suggest that SCP-001 is alive, occupies a plane of existence either similar or identical to that observable by humanity, displays a form of intelligence organically similar to that of humans or adapted to be such, and possesses an intimate understanding of human psychology.

The purpose behind SCP-001's manipulation of local reality is not discernible with current information.

This message has been transmitted in a Grade B Subconscious Suggestibility modality cognitohazard. The communications network for Site-23 is non-operational at this time. You will be notified when the network is back in working order. 3/11/2016 GMT — I am in the secure control room with Captain Hughes' credentials and a lot of blood on my lab coat.

Staff recalling the entirety of this message are ordered to seek amnestic treatment immediately. I don't remember what the contents of the message I'm supposed to send are. 3/11/2016 GMT — The day will come when this earth will be substituted with a new earth, and also the heavens, and everyone will be brought before GOD, the One, the Supreme. 3/11/2016 GMT — APOLLO62 is experiencing difficulties. Please use whatever backup systems are available to you. An unidentified humanoid, advertising itself as "The World's Best Dantist" [sic].

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Upon receiving the communication from SCP-001, Project Serapis (later known as SCP-2798) was initiated.

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