Sikh and inter racial dating

Racism is becoming normalised again, to the shock of Muslims and Sikhs in the west.

Attacks against Muslims in London have more than tripled since the Paris atrocities of mid November, and the effects are being felt for Sikhs in the UK too.

Thankfully only a small minority of Sikhs have fallen for the old British Raj trick.

If minority groups are still suffering from hate crime after years of distancing themselves from extremist Muslims, then it’s obvious this is about racism not just Islamophobia.

After all, Sikhs may sport beards and turbans but they are a different religious group and entirely unconnected with radical Islamism.

Some British Sikhs have gone so far as to align themselves with the far right against the Muslim community in Britain.

They were especially worried about his future, as he had a condition that had already required three open heart surgeries.

” She wrote on Facebook that she had to show her Harvard ID and computers to other passengers before they backed off.

To say this recent jump in hate-crimes is a predictable backlash to terror attacks is not the full story.

On the same day a Muslim woman in Boston, Massachusetts was taking the bus when a man shouted: “She has a bomb in there!

Women are doing it too now, don’t you see the news?

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The atmosphere has changed and they feel liberated by it.

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