Single parent dating guernsey wyoming

Don’t hesitate to take the tests several times, relative to several different relationships, to gain extra insights into the way you behave.

Just make certain that you are consistent and base each Questionnaire on the same relationship.

If a question asks whether you feel something or do something “more” or “more often” than your partner, then if you feel or do that thing “the same” or “as often” as your partner, you should answer “No”.

You should answer “Yes” only if you feel or do it more or more often.

How can you tell if you are still in the Honeymoon Stage?

If you believe your partner is perfect, if you and your partner have never had a fight, if you still work hard to make sure your partner sees only the “good” side of you – you are probably in the Honeymoon Stage.

You have the potential to behave that way again, if your present relationship enters the Trauma Stage.

Even with this demographic profile you remain anonymous, no email address is required.

Your individual answers are never shared with your friends or partner, only your total score.

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