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I remembered (now that I have my Tiguan back) what my other message is: "GCI Update Occurred" Happened this morning. And I'm sure it will do it again today when I leave work, or, hey, maybe not.

On my 2010 Golf my RNS-510 shows "Updating Channels" pretty much every time I start the car and "GCU Update Occurred" about every two or three days.

And I havent had any antenna errors/messages either. I have never seen updating subscription message, only updating channels, I can turn off the radio, turn it back on in 30 seconds, I will get that message again, its very tiring seeing all the time.

Sorry to hear about your problem, hope it gets resolved soon! Sometimes I get the message every time I start the vehicle. I get antenna messages, and another message, can't remember what it is at the moment (haven't been in the Tiguan for a few days).

What ever got borked seems to have gotten borked for good.For those of you who have Sirius XM, can you please tell me how many times you see the message, updating channels, on the radio/nav display.I get that message every time I start the car, VW is trying to tell me that its Sirius that I have to deal with.go on the xm website and purchase the subscription unless you have a active account..and there should be something about reseting your xm.

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