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This would also help keep his profile low until he wanted to confront the smuggler.Han Solo did encounter Boba Fett in the end, on Nal Hutta's moon Nar Shaddaa.The Ottoman provinces in North Africa were nominally under Ottoman suzerainty, but in reality they were mostly autonomous.The North African slave markets were part of the Arab slave trade.

Since his prime target's companion was a Wookiee, it is not unlikely that the cells had molecularly reinforced walls and gravity restraints.The ship had a sophisticated sensor array system, such as in Slave I.Although it lacked Slave I's stealth systems, some might have eventually been installed.Years after Boba Fett's escape from Great Pit of Carkoon, with this new freedom he vowed revenge on Han Solo, and so set into motion a plan.Since his original ship, Slave I, was in impound, he obtained a new one.

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  1. I watched in quiet fascination as the spreading light gradually transformed her hair from monochrome shades of black and white into the lustrous, golden sheen I knew so well. Read More Heather Anderson’s stomach lurched as she blankly stared at her desk.