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During this time he used drugs and alcohol, stating in a 1986 Rolling Stone interview, "When I was high on pot, it affected me so drastically that when I was in college there were times when I wouldn't get off the couch.I would lie there, listening to Roxy Music, right next to the record player so I wouldn't have to get up to flip the record over. There would be four or five days like that when I would be completely gone." Upon graduating from Vincennes University in 1974, Mellencamp played in several local bands including the glitter-band Trash, which was named for a New York Dolls song, and he later got a job in Seymour installing telephones.

The record wasn't released in the United States, but it yielded a No. The worst thing was that I could have gone on making records like that for hundreds of years.Mellencamp's best music is rock 'n roll stripped of all escapism, and it looks directly at the messiness of life as it's actually lived.In his music, mortality, anxiety, acts of God, questions of romance and brotherhood, and crises of conscience all collide and demand hard decisions.Only then did his parents tell him about his birth defect and that doctors had told his parents they did not expect him to survive.and later played in the local bands Trash, Snakepit Banana Barn and the Mason Brothers.

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This is rock music that tells the truth on both its composer and the culture he's observing. He was born with spina bifida, for which he had corrective surgery as an infant.

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  1. So the question is, anyone out there that lived through a similar situation and can share some experiences? It was worth it, in that we worked so well together, but the constant lying and hiding was an unbelievable amount of stress.