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Around the same time, stories about a high school boy in Philadelphia caught with peanut butter on his penis awaiting the dog were all the rage.

Possibly the most unusual sighting comes from a woman who attended microbiology classes at the University of Chicago in Her teacher reported as a true story that a woman in South America had been infected with rabies from her own dog in the course of an encounter involving pineapple.

However, upon returning home from school and finding the house empty, the daughter made her way down to the kitchen where she opened the fridge and removed a tin of pate — at this stage the live TV audience is wondering, “What the hell is going on?

Since the sexual “sins” of earlier versions (premarital intercourse and adultery) have lost most of their shock value in the last few decades, they have been replaced by the more salacious “perversions” of bestiality and homosexuality in this modern form of this legend.When the friend went back to Canada shortly afterwards, the house had a was at this party. On the night of the party, the girl is not yet home; all the guests are hiding in the basement of her house.She comes in the front door and looks for her dog, which the boyfriend has downstairs to get the birthday girl to come downstairs.(Versions set in Ottawa usually describe the woman as a government employee, so perhaps resentment of civil servants was one element of this form.) Its origins are older though.One of our readers heard it in Burbank, California in 1981.

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A few minutes of silence pass, then the girl is calling for the dog again.

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