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Popular culture has simplified the concept of social proof as something simple but rare.This is a misinterpretation and misuse of evolutionary psychology. The more value you can acquire the easier the game becomes.Value can come in a number of different forms, such as money, worldliness, status, and many more.This bullshit idea has been propagated through male culture because the pickup artist community and the manosphere wildly misunderstood how human evolution worked.Humans evolved in large multi-male, multi-female groups where there is not just one dominant alpha male.Don’t waste your time negging randoms at the bar or pretending you have to leave when you really have nowhere else to go. Today’s blog post features a story and excellent advice from former Love Systems Instructor Bonsai. I was on my way to work but I decided to stop by at Subway to grab a sandwich.

A couple months ago I was in New York City and while I was in the cab I saw all these "professional women" walking around. I knew I had only small window of opportunity to make something happen.

It’s one way of ascertaining a person’s relative status within a group.

It cannot be assessed by looking at someone’s car or a dance floor makeout.

Women estimate a man’s value based on his standing relative to other men in the mating pool, as evidenced by his position in life.

Evolutionary psychologist Geoff Miller points out that ancestral men acquired and stored their wealth mostly in the form of social capital, not in the form of monetary capital:“Women evolved not to be gold diggers but status diggers.…The most toxic misunderstanding of social proof comes from the claim that you have to be a dominant “alpha male” to be attractive to women.

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In the first scenario, a man walks into a bar, after stepping through the front door he looks around, and doesn’t see anyone he knows. A few minutes later he approaches the most attractive woman in the bar, his opener is perfect and he has good body language, but for some reason she shoots him down.

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