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Oceana Southampton has become one of a selection of late-night bars and clubs to introduce digital identification as a form of ID, meaning revellers will no longer have to take their passport or driving licence on a night out.

The venue, owned by The Deltic Group, has partnered with digital identity app company Yoti, to provide a more efficient way to control underage admittance.

The app is free to download and users simply take a selfie and scan their photo ID.

Yoti then verifies the authenticity of the photo ID and checks it matches the selfie.

Tim Howard, marketing director at the Deltic Group, owner of Oceana in Southampton said: “ The technology will not only revolutionise our customers’ experience, it will also have an immensely positive impact on our business through reducing queuing times and drastically cutting down on fraudulent activity and attempted underage entry to our clubs.” “I’d encourage all high street retailers to consider adopting it.” Robin Tombs, founder and CEO of Yoti, added: “As we increasingly live more of our lives online, the way we prove who we are is outdated.

It’s too easy for people to pretend they’re someone else, or gain access to all of our personal details.

We also have a tranquil town garden directly accessible from the bar.

We strive to achieve an average security wait time of less than 5 minutes whilst treating you politely and with respect to ensure that you have a positive experience.There are legal restrictions on packing liquids in hand luggage.The following restrictions apply to all liquids, creams, gels, pastes, including bottled drinks, food products, lotions, fragrances, cosmetics and toiletries.The following information should help you prepare for your security experience before you travel.From December 2016 and in response to new regulations put in place by the UK Department for Transport, Southampton Airport will be using the latest technology and applying Millimeter Wave screening to many passengers through the deployment of a Security Scanner (Body Scanner).

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“This is shown by the continued rise of identity-related fraud and issues that cost time, money and inconvenience to many people every day.

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