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Coastal plains abut the Indian Ocean in Mozambique and the Atlantic in Angola and Namibia.The Kalahari desert forms the central depression of the Southern African plateau.The region is generally drained eastward toward the Indian Ocean, a pattern exemplified by the largest rivers, the Zambezi and Limpopo.The Zambezi is the longest river in the region, and its catchment includes much of Angola, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

The interior of Southern Africa consists of a series of undulating plateaus that cover most of South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana and extend into central Angola.Contiguous with this are uplands in Zambia and Zimbabwe.Coastal mountains and escarpments, flanking the high ground, are found in northern Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Angola, and along the Mozambique-Zimbabwe border.“I'm not saying, oh my god, you know, I'd be interested in getting back together,” she notes. can’t predict the future.”The fact that Thomas has a girlfriend now might also be a reason why Kathryn has mostly written off reconciling.The 55-year-old former politician’s new love, Ashley Jacobs, will be featured heavily on the new season of Southern Charm.“I was very much open to getting to know her,” Kathryn admits.

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“Attacking that role, and she just crossed a line in so many different ways, several times, and that's just, yeah, my breaking point.”As for her own dating life, Kathryn confesses that she is finally getting back out there and trying to meet someone.“I actually am finally at a place where I am open to dating, and I have been dating,” she says.

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