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Plenty of people nurse a healthy loathing of the “expat in Asia,” and in some instances, that antipathy is understandable, if not justified.(The image you want is of a mustachioed former mill owner, old and white, in Thailand.

Of course, relationships are based on chemistry, communication and actions take, etc. I do agree that you should try everything in life, at least once. Especially for someone who are singles and would like to start a new relationship. What do you need to invest is a single night and few hundreds dollars to have dinner with somebodies who would like make new friends.Isn’t there something to be said about her initiative, or ambition, or broader gender issues?Alas, I’m not a rich Chinese female, so I have little more to add.I guess it depends on the type of person you want to meet.Me, boring traditional guy Bottom line - speed dating for me would be a fun sort of joke. Some people could find their partners through speed dating sites, some don't.

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