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This is a special event, but if you come on a regular Monday night, a host from Board Game Empire will be at the restaurant with 50 games giving people the option to play whatever they want for free.

For example when I’m working on a project, I identify potential pitfalls and put into place safeguards to stop problems from occurring in the first place or alternatively I try to contain these “fires”.In a world that exists of job titles that our grandparents or even our parents would not understand - think of Beverage Dissemination Officer (bar tender) or Chief Chatter (Call Centre Manager) - what we actually do is not always obvious from the job title.Therefore make these abstract job titles more concrete by using metaphors (a figure of speech) e.g.Play a range of board games, each one with a different set of singles.At the end of the night, let your host know who you met that you'd be up for meeting some other time and if you both put each other's name, the host will give you each other's contact info.

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  1. He had promised to kill me and my family if I ever left. I wanted things to slow done but he kept up the game and he seemed so sinciere. I have been with this older man who is retired who I loved dearly for 4 years. Thank you, for at least showing some balance that there are women out there who can make someone’s life a living hell too. I have not responded but this hovering act gets me thinking about him much more than usual.