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The term "spiritual" is often used to describe someone who is very religious or who is very devout in his/her worship of God.

The "spirit" in "spiritual" is often a reference to the holy spirit of God, or, in Christianity, to the Holy Spirit.

I want to begin with the problems usually mistakenly put forward as being definitive and insurmountable. Ambiguity of the phrase "spiritual values": The phrase "spiritual values" may refer to at least three different kinds of things, described below.

Without clarification of the usage intended, ambiguity often causes confusion or unnecessary disagreement.

One does not apply the brakes in order to please the child's grandparents, though they may also be pleased.

Nor does one apply the brakes in order to stay out of jail (if one is not speeding, it might not be a punishable offense), nor to make oneself feel good (since there is no reason to feel good about saving a child if one did not already believe it was a good for the child to be able to continue to live).

It is a mistake because it causes unnecessary suspicions about the moral values, moral character, and moral behavior of other people along religious or denominational lines; and it is a mistake because it unnecessarily keeps moral education out of secular schools where it is mistakenly thought to be an intrusion of religion into those schools.

2) Or take the belief that it is wrong to steal from another that which they have worked hard to create or that which they have acquired by trade for something else into which they have put much labor.Or it may mean a relationship between the spirit of God and the spirit of the person, for example that the spiritual person is spiritual because, for example, "s/he partakes of the spirit of God", or because "the Holy Spirit resides in his/her heart".There are numerous poetic or metaphysical ways of describing this.All these usages are common, and it is pointless to seek "the" supposed real meaning of the term spiritual, because all of them are real.1) Normally, when one puts on the brakes and swerves while driving in order to avoid hitting a child that has run out into the street, one does so in order to save the child's life because one thinks life, particularly the life of an innocent child, is important.

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The spiritual person is one who is close to God, loves God, always thinks of God, puts God first, or who tries to do God's will.

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