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We in India have watched with wonder and fascination the phenomenal spread of the popularity of this book about Indias saints and philosophy.

We have felt great satisfaction and pride that the immortal nectar of Indias Sanatan Dharma, the eternal laws of truth, has been stored in the golden chalice of Autobiography of a Yogi (in Ghosh, 1980).

I emphasize the positive approach: See that which is good, hear that which is good, speak that which is good.But then, unlike Bharati and his admired, soporific friend, Herbert V. And indeed, to devote ones life to becoming an expert in the details of a pile of sanctioned baloney, then trashing anyone who doesnt buy into the same brand of foolishness, strikes me as being one of the most absurd ways in which to waste a life.At any rate, Paramahansa Yogananda—whether phony or not—slowly accumulated a core of close disciples as the years passed, and thus began a monastic order in his own Swami lineage.The enterprising young yogi spent the years from 1925 to 1936 lecturing to capacity crowds in halls throughout America, spreading knowledge of the holy science of kriya yoga.As far as the channels through which one may receive his variant of that particular set of techniques of meditation, Yogananda explained in his (1998) Autobiography: The reader may then ponder for him- or herself as to what possible reasons any organization could have for thus restricting, to itself, the dissemination of the techniques of its founder, after the latters death, when no such restriction was put in place during his life.

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Retiring from his cross-country lecture tours, Yogananda spent much of the 1940s in seclusion in his Encinitas hermitage—adjacent to the famed Swamis Point surfing beach there.

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