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Colin , NJ and Conce, Thanks, I actually wear similar high plus glasses myself and prefer to just slip my distance ones down to read.You are completely right that bi focals at this strength magnify so much that you really cant get much more than one word in focus at a time. I find a separate pair of reading glasses much better but its a pain to be swapping specs around on the underground!

She is either blind or partially sighted in her right eye.They're challenging, but useful for short duration reading.Newspapers are tough, as are some forms, but I read everything online these days.Is it just an oblique angle astigmatism or something else (prism or what)?https://pp.userapi.com/c604822/v604822544/3005c/ixav YRFRK5Slit , Another TV Programme from Taiwan discussing eyesight of their own celebrities... v=Lu CBS-H-p LA Use this search term: 重度近視大學生, meaning, severe myopia Likelenses , I don't believe you actually know her personally. NJ , John, pulling -28 lenses down your nose will not cause magnification.

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