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Just want you to know that we've been to a couple of farm stays but believe yours is by far the best! I miss Lisa, Moo, Nikki and Annie and I like Sam most of all, love Zana Dear Wendy, We felt your warmth even before we got here and all the information you gave us helped us heaps with our planning. I am glad I get the chance to show my “city girl” a taste of the farm life. Haslinda & family Singapore Great Ocean Road, Great view, Great weather, Great Farmland, Great Farmhouse, Great Experience especially the milking process…. Most importantly – Great people like you and Warren. Cegsan and family, Malaysia What a wonderful place to stay. You should be very proud of the farm, especially the animals, as they are just gorgeous. Wishing you good health and happiness till we meet gain.We will always cherish this friendship as we look forward to coming to visit all of you and perhaps host you when you go to Singapore. PS: May you be blessed with a little girl cria by Innie real soon! It was really fun and we love playing with Nikki and Tess. They all stood there steadily staring at us as we entered the farmstay. The feeding of the cows, the horse, sheep and Fred, Innie and Bazza was fantastic. We will definitely return to Bellevue should we return to beautiful Victoria. All these won’t exist without good people like you all. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your hospitality, love, laughs and a great weekend. PS Do give us an email if you are dropping by Singapore and we will definitely play host for visit.Wendy and Warren thank all their wonderful guests for the lovely comments they leave in the Visitors Book and especially thank all the children for their lovely pictures of our animals drawn during their visit to Bellevue Farmstay. Simply love the fresh air and the carefree feeling while we were feeding the animals and posing with them. We had good fun and the farmstay is a fabulous location in itself as well as being in a convenient location to explore the Great Ocean Road. Thank you for your warm hospitality during our stay. Remember Wendy it is Dog and Rooster the next time a Chinese asks you the same Qs. Lee family (Singapore) I wish to come back to this farm again, thankyou Aunty Wendy and Uncle Warren. Our kids loved your animals and enjoyed feeding them. We really would have hoped to spend more time here. It’s a really lovely place you have here and we really made many memories – wonderful ones of Australia and farm life to bring back to Singapore. Kaydence really had so much fun feeding the animals, riding the tractor and not forgetting playing with her favourite Tess and Nicky. Dearest Wendy, Warren, Lisa, Maddy, Matthew, Inny, Annie, Freckles, Alana, Swannee, Houey, Duey, Loui, Moo, Acca, Franny, Fred, Monty and Splinter – Thank you sooo much for your wonderful hospitality and love – allowing us into your family for a few days. We reckon Xavier had a good time being a farmer and riding and driving the tractor. The house was spacious and comfortable and the children simply adored the animals – Tess, Nikki, Penny, Moo, Lisa, Annie, Sam, Acca, Bazza, Innie, Fred, Franny . We were truly fortunate to have stayed at Bellevue Farmstay and it was great to be able to meet with some of the family. These are very precious experiences and memories we’ll never forget. The kids really enjoyed the animals and the older folks really enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Thanks for taking us out to the dairy and kangaroo spotting as well!It makes our work a lot easier and not to mention saves the scholars a lot of money…Thank you so much for your time in processing these new applications for ISO. I just want to say thank you for faxing the health insurance form to my school.Once again, you have greatly helped our international students have the best experience possible as they settle into their exchange program with us. It was accepted and I was approved to register for classes.

Thank you for such a prompt response from you even though it's already pass your closing time (6pm EST). Your team members are very kind, polite and helpful, I must say. The visit to the dairy farm where hundreds of cows were being milked was an eye opener too! We love the way you taught us how to feed the animals and let us drive the tractor. We also love the way that you were always there to teach us something new. We certainly felt at home despite being away from home! The kids simply have lots of fun running around your HUGE place and being around with the animals you have. Your hospitality and warm greeting has given us a comfortable feeling. Liwen, Liwu, Lishuang, Liying, Sophia, Amos (Singapore) Thankyou so much for everything. Both Nikki and Tess are obedient dogs that our girls loved to pet. We would come again definitely if there is a chance! Your hospitality makes this place, thankyou for your generosity in all things. Granddad, Grandma, Mum Mirjam, Dad Bram, Merten, Rochelle, Merlinde, Daniel, Zara. If ever you do come, drop by and we’ll bring you to see the sights (cable cars to Sentusa, the Meriron, 80% humidity!! Michael and family Singapore We have loved to stay with you this four days that we won’t forget. Alex, Carla, Yago, Jorge, y Sofia and parents Thank you for letting us feed, play, run and enjoy the animals. THANK YOU Abigail, Cathy, Greg and Mike Melbourne / Sth Africa Gorgeous, absolutely stunning!Wendy’s knowledge in the cow milking is amazing, it was a good lesson for all of us. Eric, Jacq, Kaydence, Benn, Michelle, Papa and Mama Chin. It was an experience of a lifetime for all of us especially lit Divgaa. Looking forward to coming back in a couple of years and will plan to stay longer! Dear Aunt Wendy and Uncle Warren, I love you all so much. We will definitely recommend your place when we are back home and we hope to be back soon with more people to fill up your big place. The house is pretty and warm especially the bed (thanks). From China we have travelled to many parts of the world, Warren and Wendy you are one of the nicest hosts, welcoming us to your farm, telling us your stories, yet you have a good international multicultural perspective. I really enjoyed feeding the animals and living on a farm. Annie the ‘dog sheep’ is cute and responds when you called out to her. The house is lovely, nice and cool, and our girls enjoyed playing in the house. Ronald, Tammy, Nathan, Yen, Marcus, Karina and Wien Lee, Mr & Mrs George Lee, Mr & Mrs Soh, Michelle Soh, Criselda Del Reyes. The personal welcome note on the door and the wonderful Easter bunny surprise visit on Easter morning are some of the things that made it even more special. Nikki and Tess are two of the best dogs in the whole world. We had an enjoyable stay at Bellevue – a beautiful house, wish we had more time and stay longer. The Chang Family (Singapore) Thankyou very much for showing us the animals. Madison did really well with the horse rising and we really loved watching Porsia and Franny. The warmth of your welcome and the peace and beauty of your environment made Bellevue the perfect place for our family. The two girls were so entranced with the animals and have had a wonderful experience. and whatever else you may have heard of our country). We may meet again when we young ones come back for travel with our friends and we’ll be sure to have the Aussie – BBQ! Thank you for showing all the animals to us, letting us feed them and for letting us see how a sheep is being shorn. Thank you Warren for letting us see the sheep being shorn and for letting us on the quad bike. Thank you Wendy for the kangaroo spotting trip, the trip to the dairy, letting us watch the horses being unloaded. Thanks for the impeccable hospitality and beautiful memories. Lim Meng Susanne Kim and family Singapore Thanks Wendy and Warren for a great time again (2 time). Thanks for your wonderful hospitality, it’s wonderful for the kids to experience this. We will recommend Bellevue Farmstay to our friends.Anyway, thanks for the lovely stay in the house, the animals were great. Stephanie Ng, Kevin Patt, Fiona Patt and Elgin Patt, Elsie Ng, Cho Wee Peng, Elina Cho and Kyra Cho. Lee and family Singapore Dear Warren and Wendy, Thank you so much.The kids love the “grandparent” treatment showered on them. Our third visit here and we loved it as much as our other two visits. Thanks for everything that you had arranged for our family. We love your farm and your lovely animals, especially Nikki, Annie, Penny, Innie, Fred and Bazza.

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