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The man that I got the seeds from in California is a true Hungarian transplant from Hungary." And I might add that all of the Hungarian peppers I grew this season from his seeds are way beyond my expectations.

The Pennsylvania Dutch/Germans loved to preserve the bounty of their gardens often by pickling.

This is what he had to say when I asked for more information on their background: "He has collected Hungarian white pepper seeds from all over the world (Hungary, Romania, California) and these are some of his favorites. They don't have the Chlorophyll (stuff that makes American bell peppers green) in them. Very good for making authentic Hungarian dishes in the kitchen.

The taste is unlike any other pepper that you can buy in stores in the USA. I might add that all the seeds originally came from Hungary.

This was the earliest to ripen fully red in my zone 6A garden.

And it just keeps on pumping out huge fruit right through several hard frosts.

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If you read my essay for the 2016 season, (on the "New for 2017 Seeds" page), you will know about my animal disaster right at the beginning of my gardening year.

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