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Spiritual practitioners who are not walking the Twin Flame path although well meaning just are not aware of the connection that Twin Flames have to each other.

There is a Big Myth out there amongst separated Twin Flames and I believe that the basis of this Myth and the way that it has been unknowingly perpetrated has been through Spiritual Practitioners that are not personally walking the Twin Flame path.However, they will help others, share their experience and show the way how to arrive ‘home’.But, remember, that the main purpose of this journey has not been looking for your Twin Flame and focusing on them but rather it has been about healing yourself first as well as balancing your male and female polarities within yourself.It is a spiritual path of two souls that have agreed prior to their reincarnation to do this journey together for the purpose of the soul evolution, growth and expansion and assist humanity to raise their vibrations.There are many obstacles and challenges involved on this journey and as from my own experience this can be extremely hard at some points.

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Twin Flame is your mirror in another form, your Twin Flame pushes buttons to trigger all your issues that are hidden in your unconscious mind and that needs to be activated, released, healed and understood everything that is holding you back and preventing you from experiencing your TRUE- SELF.

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