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In an environment where connection to the Internet cannot be established via a wireless LAN, establish connection via a wired LAN or USB and perform the update from the computer.You can check the firmware version from the operation panel of the machine.After completion of the firmware update operation, make sure that the update was performed correctly.Checking the Firmware Version When you have downloaded the latest firmware version from the Canon website, use "User Support Tool" utility software to update the firmware from a computer.

We strongly recommend you to upgrade your firmware to the latest version as we are constantly making improvements and adding new features to the devices. Please download the appropriate one for your OS and follow the instructions on the screen.For how to perform firmware update from a computer, see the "User Support Tool Operation Guide" included with the firmware.If a firmware update becomes available, the Mevo app will indicate so when you first configure your mobile device's connection to your Mevo.If you are having any issues, make sure the TX and RX jumpers are present on your Expansion Board, as the jumpers sometimes come loose in the box during transport. Firmware is like software in that it is changeable.

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If you have drives that support the new firmware update mechanism included in Windows, you can update drive firmware of in-production drives without downtime.

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