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OK, googled it again and there is a new post about wm6.5 for i607 by py8 at ZN520 website. tid=1140 translated via google: PS - translation is sometimes very funny but most important brush == Cook The ROM is English/Chinese I will try to login there and check.I was able to login but cannot understand where to download the file from.Users setting up Windows Mobile 6.1 devices will also get an improved experience, with a new Getting Started Center helping users to easily configure features such as email, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity.Microsoft has added enhancements for corporate IT departments too.Today at Tech•Ed EMEA we announced the availability of emulators and documentation for Internet Explorer Mobile 6, which is the next generation browser for Windows Mobile.

Hi Aitrus, Well I already know about the keypad issue and Da_G is certainly very known for for his great abilities producing awesome ROMs as well as cooking them with efficient memory allocation.

Access to other features and functions, such as music and imaging, will be improved too.

Message management has also been given a revamp, so users can flag, delete or move groups of messages and read text messages as threads..

Anyone here has experience with downloading files from zn520 (or at list is able to read Chinese and retrieve the file for us ?

) i've been i contact with Da_G and he has a working 6.5 working already but as dermann said the keypad doesn't work "yet" and thats something big haha he sent me a link of the kitchen that hes using and as soon as i get home ill post it here so if anybody wants to help or figure out how to get the keypad working that would be great cause everyone would benefit from it.

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go to post #124 download the drivers, and follow the instructions on first page/post. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MMS Settings: mulimedia msg. if you know of someone that knows about cooking tell them to contact Da_G.

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