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What you may not know is that many most service providers will let you borrow these devices for a very small deposit; or better yet, no deposit at all.T-Mobile, for instance, offers customers a Cel-Fi 4G LTE Signal Booster to anyone having trouble getting a good signal, and you are only required to pay for shipping (a measly according to this customer). They know signal strength is a huge issue, and do not want you leaving for another provider, when a simple equipment upgrade will make you happy. This may seem like an obvious idea to those of you already making Wi-Fi calls, but for many people, it’s an option they had never considered.Sprint continues to bring a better wireless experience to more customers across the country as we build an all-new 4G LTE network and improve 3G service.Several factors can influence your network coverage, signal and speed, and there are steps you can take to strengthen and maintain your connection.What simple actions could improve my network connection?Several years ago, a great cell phone signal was a nice thing to have.However, one doesn’t always “do just fine.” You’ll know this yourself if you have experienced dropped calls, broken voices, no bars, and a frustrating lack of service when you’re out and about.But it can be even worse when you live in an area with very weak cell phone reception.

Of course, the major drag with these is that they are bulky, inconvenient, and are a horrible looking addition to any phone.

Basically, a signal booster captures the signal outside of your home or office, amplifies it greatly, and then repeats this stronger signal inside. It’s about the size of a router, and works in much the same way.

Femtocells work with one specific provider, and can eat up your Internet bandwidth.

By far the biggest issue most of us face with cell phones, other than poor reception, is battery life.

That’s why the extended batteries and cases are becoming so popular.

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