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The creation of a single system for knowledge management is recommended to improve consistency and integrity and reduce redundancy.

Information is typically stored in semi-structure contents such as documents, emails and multimedia.

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The objectives on knowledge management include: Enabling the service provider to be more efficient and improving quality of service, increase satisfaction and reduce cost of service Ensure staff have a clear and common understanding of the value that their service provide to customers and the way in which benefits are realised from the use of those service Ensure that at a given time and location, staff have adequate information on: Who is currently using their services The current states of consumption Service delivery constraints Difficulties faced by the customer in fully realising the benefits expected from the service A word document is available to support this topic.

Knowledge management ability to deliver a quality service or process rests largely on the ability of those involved to respond to circumstances.

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That in turn relies heavily on their understanding of the situation.

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